Welcome to SCC Softball est. 1980 – Tips for new players!
Review your personal responsibilities (travel, medical, work) before committing to play in an upcoming season.

Going to miss a game?
-Let your manager know asap so he/she may secure a substitute for you.
-Official rules of SCC softball are posted on our website.
-Of special note, 4 outfielders must remain behind the outfield restraining line until the ball is hit.
-The scoring plate is to the right of the home plate/strike mat.
-At 1st base, the fielder uses the white base, the runner uses the orange base if a play is made at 1st base.
-If a runner from 3rd base crosses the restraining line located before the scoring plate, the runner must continue to the scoring plate or be called “out.”
-SCC softball has no infield fly rule. If the pitching screen is used, special rules apply.

The field is available for non game time use under the following guidelines :
-When hitting from home plate, the practice mat must be used.
-When the pitching screen is used, move it to the scoreboard area when batting practice is complete                                                                 –If the infield is lined and dragged for games, move to the outfield grass.                                                                                                             -Balls, bats, batting tee and other practice equipment are stored in room #4. The key is in the lockbox on the doorknob. You will be given the lock box combo.                                                                               -Batting practice is Monday 9:00a.m.-11:00.m.  -Hitting and fielding instructional clinics are on selected Saturdays 9:30-11:15. Check the club calendar on the website.

         Buying equipment
-All bats must have an ASA logo and be registered by our league before use.
-Ladies and gentlemen 78 and over may use properly registered non ASA bats.
-If possible, hit with the bat you intend to buy.
-Before you buy a bat, glove or cleats, do research online, check the rules  and talk to players who have the equipment you are considering.

       Get Involved
-Opportunities exist to manage a team, umpire, serve on project teams, become a committee member, etc.